Fjelde camp is a small campsite on Lolland, close to Sakskøbing. It is located out in the country surrounded by beautiful vicinities, and with a lot of experiences with in close range.

Here you will find a lot of nature, peace and quiet, that is what characterizes the campsite best.

There is loads of space, and you may lay where you wish to.

The forest is near and certainly worth a visit, otherwise you can just lay back, enjoy the nature and maybe go on an excursion to one of the region's many attractions.

Camper vans, caravans, pop-up campers, motorcycles, riding a bike or walking are all welcome.

We also provide a shelter which you can rent, equipment for a fire, wood and charging of your phone is free.

Come perky, there is room for everyone.


Caravan/camper van/Tent:

120 kr - 16 euros. per 24 hours. per unit + power.


50 kr - 6,50 euros. per 24 hours, small tent. per unit + power.


Big shelter, 30 kr - 4 euros. per 24 hours. per person. max. 5 people. free firewood.


10 kr - 1,50 euros. per bath.


At arrival by cash (Dkr/SEK/Euro) or by PayPal

No carts.


Call or message to book a stay to +45 40 73 11 41, or


The site is open between 1/4 to 1/10 or until the grass becomes too wet.

Call and hear.

Address: Engestoftevej 5, 4990, Sakskøbing

E-Mail :

Mobile-phone, Jesper : +45 40731141


On the site there are three electricity stands, loads of space, and you may park where you desire.

In the big shelter for 5 people are there hooks for dog leashes and coat hooks. There are plugs for charging and of course a fireplace with free wood.

There is an area with a roof. Inside you will find a nice outdoors kitchen with tables/benches which you are free to use.

There is water/drinking water.

access to the toilet and access to the bath.

unloading of wastewater and chemical toilets.

option of disposal of trash.

Dogs are allowed without leash if they won't bother others, and feces are of course the owners responsibility to collect and dispose of.

Our photo album

in this photo alyou will find a collection of our best photos. We hope you like them!


On Lolland and Falster there are many attractions, which are worth a visit. There is something for the ones who want adventure, to experience, to discover, to taste, to touch and to see. There is a bit for everyone. On the list below you will see some of the attractions you can find here on Lolland and Falster.

Map of the campsite

  1. kitchen area with roof, stove, trash bins, water/ drinking water and benches.

  2. Shelter with dog leash hooks, coat hooks, fireplace with seating spaces and free wood.

  3. toilet, with unloading of wastewater and chemical toilets.

  4. electric stands with lights on.